Tuesday, October 4, 2011

National Night Out

National Night Out is a way for neighbors to connect with each other, and let criminals know that neighborhoods are watching out for suspicious activities. This is the 28th year for National Night Out, and Oakhaven Apartments will be celebrating tonight with a small street fair. Local businesses will be out in the parking lot in front of the office giving out free samples or promotional products, and educating residents on such matters as immigration and family law, health, how to start a business, and more. Stop on by, get acquainted, snag a coupon for a free cup of coffee, and meet your neighbors!Buy at Art.com
By the way, the official site has the date as August, but Texas has a different date, October 4th. We're not late, but right on time, we promise!

This is the first year the Oakhaven Crime Watch has done this (we're not even two years old yet), and so we appreciate your questions, suggestions, etc., as well as help for organizing for next year. Let's show everyone how it is done! Come on out and join us in taking back our neighborhoods!