Wednesday, July 6, 2011

How You Can Help the Crime Watch Committee

We at the Crime Watch committee do our best to keep an eye out and guard the safety of our neighbors. However, we cannot have eyes and ears everywhere. Want to help keep our apartment complex the safest in the neighborhood? Here's how!
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Crime, from the National Law Codes of Magnus Eriksson (1319-64) circa 1450
  • Keep your eyes open.
  • If you see suspicious behavior, call the police. After calling the police, talk to your building captain. Or post to a comment to the blog (this website) or send a message to our Twitter account. Or you can send an email to OakhavenCrimeWatch @ (take out the spaces around the @ sign to make a valid email address).
  • If possible, get a picture or video of what is going on. If the police need to make an arrest, it will help identify the people they are looking for. If other residents need to be on the lookout for that person, a picture will go a long way in helping to identify suspicious persons.
  • Do not confront anyone!
  • Try to attend the Crime Watch meetings, which are open to anyone. It's free!
  • Make sure your building captain has your name, your email, and your phone number at a minimum. If something happens, we're going to call the police first. But then we'll call you and let you know, too. After all, if someone broke into your apartment or your car, would you rather know as soon as it happens, or wait to find out until you get home and be surprised by crime scene tape across your door?
  • Get to know your neighbors and keep an eye out for them when they are away from home. 

If you see something, and your instinct tells you that something is fishy, don't hesitate to report it. Don't ignore what your subconscious is telling you!

Cynthia Wunsch
Building 2 Crime Watch Captain

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